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Well, I was supposed to go to Springfield today but I'm really really dizzy and feel like ass. No long drives for the Babs today, I think.

There are many joys to be found when dating a wonderful person. Catching their cold is not one of them. Of COURSE I could have chosen to not spend the night on Saturday but... I miss my honey all week. A little sniffle is a small price to pay when all is said and done. Plus, he did need someone to sing soft kitty to him.

I think I will be going home early and napping the afternoon away.

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So...hi there!

I'm kinda thinking about posting here a bit again. Is anyone still here? :)

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Why...hallooo thar...

Hey, uh....yeah...
Not really sure what to say as I've been away from this space for so long.

It's been a helluva ride since I posted here last. I guess the biggest news is that I'm dating someone - the first someone that actually looks like its more than just fuckbuddies or a hookup. He's geeky (duh!), smart, funny, sweet...all those things everyone says about their new relationships. (Doesn't everyone look for geeky as a prerequisite??) He continually amazes me with his acceptance of me and the way he shows his love for me.

Yeah. It's that good. Those random hearts and stars and unicorns you've seen floating about are probably from one of the two of us...

So I'd just like to be publicly grateful here for everything that led up to him emailing me and wondering about the girl who listed sci-fi as an interest in her profile. lk


I was here and am in love with this place....

Technically, the place I truly fell in love was La Tourelle falls but Multnomah Falls still moved me greatly.

Must go back sooooon!!!!

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a post!

just a note to let you know i've injured my wrist and that makes typing difficult.

i shall return soon tho! more to post about for sure!

a post!

Nov. 11th, 2009

Quick entry cuz I keep falling asleep early this week!!! gah!!

I am inundated with opportunities of late. Some for travel, some for play, some for relationships-all mine for the taking. The only preventatives from leaping on them all is time and money.

What a wonderful difference in my life from just two years ago when I felt so isolated and boxed in by a failing marriage and failing mental health. What a blessed release the divorce was for me. What a fabulous life I am now leading.

More later on the first opportunity I am grabbing!

"He who refuses to embrace a unique opportunity loses the prize as surely as if he had failed"
-William James

Nov. 9th, 2009

Today I am grateful for the lovely weekend! Windows open all day for both days! even though today is a bit more grey, I am still loving the brisk wind and the smell of fall in the air. I need to make soup soon!

I am very grateful for my good mood and feeling like I am looking forward to the next few months instead of dreading them.
In talking with my Mom and Aunt this weekend it came to light that my invitation to go to Hawaii with them was conditional. I would have to lose weight in order to be allowed to go and visit while they are in Maui.

Furthering the conversation i tole them that I feel hurt and very worthless when they say things like that to me because it seems like my only value to them is as a thin person.

I was told that this is not what they mean by saying that, that they are worried about my health. I assured them my health is just fine. I need to remember to ask them to simply say they are worried about my health and not couch things in terms of bribery and backhanded compliments. i also need to remember to ask them if that is the ONLY thing they are worried about. I don't think it is...I think that they are worried I will end up alone with no partner in life. i am guessing here but it is an educated guess from things my Mom and Dad have said to me recently.
That is a normal thing for parents to worry about but they need to simply state that. I can grok them wanting me to be happy and healthy - i don't grok them telling me I am beautiful but really just could be so much MORE if I were thin...or that I am too stupid to run my own life and will never be okay on mty own.

I have also been being very honest with them. I dont tell them i am exercising when i am not or tell them I am doing a diet when i am not. This has led to an upswing of these crazy comments from them.

At this point, I am giving serious thought to not going to Hawaii at all. I want to spend time with them and have good memories with them. I am just not sure I can put up with this behavior any longer. I could spend vacation time with people who don't stress me out this much.

Oct. 27th, 2009

Today at work is very silly. we are moving offices and packing up a lot of stuff. my desk is nearly all packed and I will start on our shelves and file cabinets this afternoon. wheeee! Now to just convince the boss to throw out most of her stuff!

Also, i now own bumpits and am wearing one right now to try it out. its part of my costume for halloween so i was wondering how secure the thing was I am impressed! I feel very southern, but i am impressed!! LOL!